5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With

My blog exists to help anyone that wants to develop a career in comics whether as an artist, writer, editor or marketer and all the myriad of roles in between. If you feel directionless but know that you want to have a career in comics then this blog will be the place to help you.

  1. Empower creatives with the skills they need to create comics.

There are multiple ways to start creating comics, do you write the script first? If so, how do you write that script? Or, do you design characters first and then develop the story from there?

As this blog develops I will guide you (based on my own experiences) all that I have learnt when making comics, and as my own knowledge and experience grow I will share my learnings with you.

  1. Provide easy to follow guides and lessons to make creating comics fun.

I’ll also be creating guides on how to create comics which will break down in a step by step process (with resources) guides on how to create various different aspects involved in the comic-making process.

  1. Recommend and review only the best books & training for creating comics.

There are a lot of books & training available on the internet about making comics, writing and drawing. Some of them are awesome and have helped me tremendously, though others, sadly aren’t all that they are cracked up to be and can cause more frustration than it’s worth.

  1. Advise on the best tools (both digital & physical) to aid in the comic creation process.

Ipad? Wacom? Mac or PC? if you want to create comics chances are you are going to need some hardware and software to do so. Navigating the landscape of digital tools, apps and new developments can be a nightmare if you’re not a tech geek.

What tools should you use to write, draw, ink & colour your comics?? There are so many tools out there, some are free, some cost a monthly subscription and some cost hundreds.

Who says you always need to use digital tools anyway? What about if you want to use more traditional tools and (shock) actual paper!!

I’ll also be looking at the latest and greatest technology and apps and also more traditional tools and giving my advice on the ones that I have tested and the ones I would recommend.

  1. Write a weekly blog post updating any current projects currently in progress.

I’ll also be using this blog as a production journal and updating you on the progress of my different projects as I work on them.

My intention is that this will be beneficial to you as you see the trials and tribulations (I had to get a Star Trek reference in there) that go into making a comic and I’ll lift the veil on my process.


I hope you join me as the weeks and months progress and you find value in the content I bring to you 🙂

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