Hi, I’m Pete and I love to Create Comics & Teach 😀

I would like to help learn how to make comics. My aim with this blog is to provide you with everything you need within the Comics creation process even if you haven’t picked up a pencil, or sat down to write.

I’ve been drawing since before I could write and I’d like to say that I have had a successful career in comics since my early 20’s and everything has been great. I’d like to say that, but I can’t. You see like most people who have been interested in creating any art, I always wanted to but never did and life got in the way. I spent my time going “if only” and “I’ll get around to tomorrow” as my nan used to say though “tomorrow never comes”. Around 10 years ago I had a life-affirming moment that made me change my outlook and woke me up to the fact that our time on this planet is limited.

From that moment on I put all my efforts into creating comics and pursuing a lifelong dream. I found that getting the information I needed on how to create comics was a little limited when searching online, but through trial and error I slowly built a body of work and things took off.

I have just recently completed my first Kickstarter for a comic series called “Voodoo Chile” which has its own site set up here.

A top 10 list about me (in case you ever need it for a pub quiz).

  1. I was born in Gateshead England but raised in Wales so I consider myself Welsh.
  2. I love sleeping in as late as possible
  3. Please don’t talk to me before my morning cup of coffee
  4. I love tangy sharp tastes – tangfastics are one of my favourite sweets.
  5. I’m very chill and can’t remember the last time I lost my temper.
  6. When I get stressed I eat, when I’m not stressed I eat.. I love food.
  7. I love all things visual including film, tv, paintings, games ..and obviously comics.
  8. I really like walking through big beautiful cathedrals 
  9. My wife is my world and I’m a super lucky guy – she is also like an editor to me (but she didn’t tell me to say that).
  10. I love to teach and help people – everyone deserves a chance at life regardless of economic background.