It’s 2021 …We Made It 🎉🍾😍

Time is often talked about as flying and most years they certainly do.

With all that happened in 2020 that year felt like it contained 9999 days, as opposed to the standard 365 (sure technically 2020 was 366 but you get my point).

So “Yay” 2020 is finally over and we have a new year to look forward to and plan.  Granted ironically 2021 hasn’t really started any better than 2020 with the pandemic still around, the UK leaving Europe and certain interesting worrying political movements in the USA (Capitol Hill).  Though there are glimmers of hope, Vaccinations are being rolled out, there’s a new President of the USA and the old Orange one has been impeached.

I have been busy coming up with my intentions for 2021, and I wanted to share the biggest ones with you.

The first intention I have for 2021 Is The Launch Of “Voodoo Chille #1”

Voodoo Chille is a book I’ve been working on for a while now it’s been written by my good buddy Casey Allen and developed together.

Voodoo Chille is a War-Torn, Zombie, Horror, Heist Book. It’s planned as a five-issue miniseries and all the artwork for #1 is complete.

The plan is to bring #1 and all being well #2 & #3 to Kickstarter by the end of the year.

The second intention I have for 2021 is to write a Graphic Novel.

As much as I love creating the visual aspects of creating comics I’ve always wanted to create a graphic novel that I have written.

I’ve written a few short stories previously between 1 and 4 pages. These have always been “Future Shock” sort of tales.

By December 31st 2021 I’m going to have a completed script for my graphic novel ready to take the development of this in 2022.

The plan is to develop this alongside Voodoo Chille.

The third intention I have for 2021 is to reduce procrastination.

Along with the obvious weirdness of 2020, I also found myself falling into a heavy procrastination phase which lasted a few months. I’ve now removed some of the distractions that have led to this.

Here are a few of the things I have done to fight procrastination:

  • Uninstalling all the computer games on my PC.
  • Do comics in the same office, I do for daytime work (rather than on the couch).
  • I’m allowing myself a blameless evening of no comic work when I need it.

Intentions not Resolutions

I heard something great this New Year for the first time, and that is to have intentions and not resolutions. While a resolution attaches you to the future without a clear way, an intention anchors you in the present.

With resolutions, if you waiver off the goal you have set, you often feel that you have broken the resolution entirely and then they fall apart. Intentions let you waiver without guilt and then return.

What about you,?

What is your #1 intentions for 2021 hit reach out and let me know? I’d be really interested to know what your intentions and goals are.

Here’s to a productive, more peaceful, happier 2021 together.

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